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sales opportunities

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Missed opportunities

Do your frontliners actively look for improvement opportunities?

What we see today is that frontliners focus on their work tasks and do not spot other improvement opportunities. The problem is there is no incentive for the frontliners to look for these improvement opportunities or have a way to report them. And what does that result in?

  • Missed opportunities for additional sales
  • No proactivity in fixing issues
  • Less ways for employees to get recognition

Value Proposition

The Shine on Sales solution provides extensive value for both managers, employees and clients.

The Manager

Strong project results

Managers can get more above budget sales that can increase account profitability.

Satisfied Clients

Managers can be proactive and fix issues before clients have to ask for it.

Loyal employees

Managers can give employees recognition for creating added value which strengthen the loyalty and motivation to work for the company.

The Employee


Employees will be acknowleged for their efforts and feel more valued in the company

Social connection

They get a fun platform where they can comment and like posts from colleagues


Managers can decide to set up missions where employees can be rewarded if they reach the goals.

The Client

Photo documentation

Clients get photo documentation that gives an overview of issues and what their FM provider can help them with.

Facility sustainability

Quicker fixes and preventive maintenance ensure less damage on facilities and less waste of energy and materials.

Strong FM partnership

Having a proactive FM provider lowers the need to change provider.

How it works

An easy and engaging solution

The Shine on Sales solution is extremely intuitive as it has the characteristics of a social media platform. It is easy to take pictures and videos of sales opportunities that can be shared with colleagues and managers.

But what makes this solution even more special is that we use gamification to drive engagement! With a scoring system that rewards employees for app-activity makes it fun to share sales opportunities!

Underneath you can see the frontliners user-journey from spotting a sales opportunity to it becoming a sale!



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Get the most out of Shine on Sales!

With a dedicated team we help you on your Shine on Sales journey by:

Customizing the perfect setup for your organisation

Getting you started with an onboarding program

Providing ongoing support to optimize user-participation

Shine on Sales is a cloud-based standalone system accessible from any web browser or smartphone, which means
you do not need to worry about any complicated implementation or integration.

If you want to know more about Shine on Sales
you can contact us here.

If you want to know more about Shine on Sales you can contact us here.

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