Month: May 2021


If the offer is accepted by the customer it results in a sale, and the manager can mark the employee’s post as “fixed”, making the employee aware that the reported issue has now been fixed. This is the ultimate goal and the ultimate recognition for the reporting employee, as their lead now turned into additional …

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When the site manager marks a lead as “registered”, a specific offer can be made to the customer to fix the issue. A “registered” lead means that a manager has recognized the lead and is now working on a way to fix it.  by either creating an offer to the customer that could result in …

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Reporting employees get instant recognition with likes and comments from colleagues, and earn extra points for leads that get “registered”. The leads that end up with a customer sale get marked as “fixed” to let the reporter know that something was done to fix it. This helps increase motivation to snap and share even more …

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If a lead is recognized by a manager as a sales opportunity, the manager can “register” the lead and start working on a specific offer to the customer to fix the issue described in the lead. Registration of leads can be done by the manager in the web management module or directly in the app …

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Sales opportunities are shared in real-time in the app. When sharing, the post immediately becomes visible to the co-workers and the site manager. Sharing gives employees the opportunity to voice their opinion and improve their workplace in a fun and easy way. With Shine


When employees spot a sales or improvement opportunity they can snap a photo or video of the issue, write a short description of the matter and post it directly in the app. These leads can end up increasing sales while at the same time improving customer satisfaction.